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18th August 2017
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News about IST Alumni: Nicemode Charles, Joel Mwaigomole, Nibwene Mwakibinga, and Shufaa Hame
Nicemode Charles, Joel Mwaigomole, Nibwene Mwakibinga, and Shufaa Hame from the IST graduating Class of 2016 have all been awarded full-tuition scholarships to attend university starting this 2017-2018 school year. Well done to all!

Eid Holiday: Friday, September 1st (no classes)
Eid al Hajj is anticipated to be observed in Tanzania on either Friday, September 1st or Saturday, September 2nd. The exact date will depend on the sighting of the moon and will be known around August 22nd. The school calendar was planned a year ago and includes a provision in the event that the public holiday is observed on Friday, September 1st. Therefore, there will be no classes held on Friday, September 1st.


Elementary News

From the Principal's Desk
This week, Tony notes the Listening Conferences and Open House events were well received by both teachers and parents. He also highlights upcoming parent workshops, after school activities, and provides some notes about campus logistics and dates to add in your diary.


Secondary News

From the Principal's Desk
Blair Peterson, IST's Secondary Principal, invites parents to next Thursday morning's Open House. This year's open house will provide you with the opportunity to meet with grade level teams, tour the campus with your son/daughter where you will meet members of the faculty and learn about plans for this coming school year. There is also an optional Introduction to ManageBac session for those who want to learn the basics. We certainly hope that you will be able to join us. Open House 2017-2018 will be on Thursday, August 24th, 7:15-9:30am.

Class of 2018: Let's Get Started
And the countdown begins: 9 months to go before IB Diploma Programme exams. Wishing all Grade 12 students a fantastic school year! The Class of 2018 got together to make a video of the beginning of their final year of high school. Check it out.

News from the Athletics and Activities Director
Joe Seavey is IST Secondary's new Athletics and Activities Director. This week, Joe provides information on guiding students to sign up for after school activities.

Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming University Visits to IST
Purdue and Lehigh Universities from the US will be visiting in September. Also on the schedule are the University of British Columbia (Canada) as well as universities from the UK. This is a great chance for parents and students to meet with university representatives to learn more.

Daily Bulletin for Secondary Students
At IST Secondary, we want students to develop the skills of time management, planning and organising. The school shares a Daily Bulletin with students to help them keep track of important upcoming events and deadlines. To help parents support their children as they develop these skills, we are also sharing a link to the same Daily Bulletin with parents through this article for quick reference.


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