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11th August 2017
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IST Alum: Annie Chopra, published author
Annie Chopra, IST alum who transferred in 2016, has published a book of poems titled Thoughts: An Epitome of Teenage Perspectives. Her collection of poems can be found on Amazon >>. Well done, Annie!

Eid Holiday: Friday, September 1st (no classes)
Eid al Hajj is anticipated to be observed in Tanzania on either Friday, September 1st or Saturday, September 2nd. The exact date will depend on the sighting of the moon and will be known around August 22nd. The school calendar was planned a year ago and includes a provision in the event that the public holiday is observed on Friday, September 1st. Therefore, there will be no classes held on Friday, September 1st.

Car stickers and ID badges for the SY 2017-18
As we begin our new school year, we would like to remind everyone about some security measures which rely heavily on community cooperation. We ask members of our learning community to wear their current ID badges and use current vehicle stickers to enter the school. Please note that vehicle stickers and ID cards for members of your household which were issued last year will not be accepted to gain entry to IST compounds after the 31st of August 2017.


Elementary News

From the Principal's Desk
This week, Tony provides quick references to information regarding the Listening Conferences which will be next Monday, August 14th. He also gives an overview some upcoming Elementary events such as Open House and he includes dates for your diary.


Secondary News

From the Principal's Desk
Blair Peterson, IST's Secondary Principal, gives an overview of how the first day of school went. He particularly highlights how Grade 6 students were given support and guidance into their new surroundings.

Upcoming Key Opportunities for Students
Round Square is now in its 50th year and with a network of 170 international schools in 40 countries on six continents, Round Square provides a catalyst and framework for more than 200,000 students each year to engage in a holistic programme of self-discovery. Built around six IDEALS of learning (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service), the Round Square approach inspires and draws out from every child their capacity for achievement and excellence, recognizing that learning is most effective when it is practical, cross-cultural and collaborative. Through Round Square as well as the International Award Programme, there are several amazing opportunities available to IST students.

Daily Bulletin for Secondary Students
At IST Secondary, we want students to develop the skills of time management, planning and organising. The school shares a Daily Bulletin with students to help them keep track of important upcoming events and deadlines. To help parents support their children as they develop these skills, we are also sharing a link to the same Daily Bulletin with parents through this article for quick reference.


Community News and Events

DAZZJAZZ at Slipway Terrace
Dazzjazz is performing Friday, August 11th, beginning at 7pm at Slipway Terrace.





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