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TEDxYouth@Upanga - A Platform for Student Voice

TEDx is an intellectual initiative built to research and discover "ideas worth spreading". TEDx provides guidelines for preparing and presenting the events - TED talks, then individuals and communities from all over the world create their own TED talks to discuss the things that matter to them. IST's is TEDxYouth@Upanga, a part of more than 3000 TEDx events held annually.

TEDxYouth@Upanga was started by IST students in 2017 and is now up to its fourth conference which is planned for March 2020. The talks are an independent, student-organized event. This event has become a highlight of our school year and is highly anticipated throughout the IST community.

The theme this year is Chain Reaction. The line-up consists of eight speakers; teachers, students from IST and other schools, and entrepreneurs. Topics include mental health and psychology, sustainability through collaborative efforts, environmentalism, and the economic climate in Tanzania.

Students hope to bring together local youth, breaking barriers and discussing issues that matter. The talks give students a platform to talk on what they're passionate about to their peers in a meaningful manner. They also give them a practice run into teamwork, organization, and timekeeping skills.

TEDxYouth@Upanga and other events that provide a platform for students to voice their ideas help make them become better learners. It helps them complete the final step of learning; being able to convey what you've learned to other people.

You can watch previous TEDxYouth@Upanga talks here, and other TEDx talks here.

Presenters at last year's TEDxYouth@Upanga

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