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The University of Chicago's Outstanding Educator Award - Teacher Nominated!

A teacher's impact on student learning can last well beyond school and into adult life. We all have interests and hobbies that started back in class, because of that one teacher.  The University of Chicago created the Outstanding Educator Award to honour such teachers, teachers who challenge and inspire their students to develop their learning skills inside and outside the classroom.

The prestigious award has been going on for over 3 decades, with new students being asked to nominate teachers from their high schools. Along with the nomination, students provide a short written submission explaining how the teacher has helped them in their journey of intellectual growth. Last year, we received a letter from the university detailing that one of our teachers, Mr Fitzpatrick, has been nominated.

Mr Fitzpatrick has been a teacher at IST Secondary for more than five years. He teaches Individual and Societies to MYP students and Economics to DP students. His nomination came as a result of his work on Economics with high school students. 

We are proud of Mr Fitzpatrick and his efforts. This recognition will inspire IST teachers and staff to push further; Challenging, Supporting, and Inspiring IST students.

Individuals and Societies Department 2019 - 2020, Mr. Fitzpatrick - top right.

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