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Mysteries Of The Pizza

As an International Baccalaureate School, IST provides the Primary Years Programme (PYP) in our elementary campus. One of the transdisciplinary themes of PYP is - How We Organize Ourselves. Under this theme in grade 2, students inquire into how systems help people be more efficient and effective. This study guides students to the understanding that humans create and use systems to make life more organized and productive.

As part of learning - How We Organize Ourselves, Grade 2 students got to learn the systems Pizza Hut uses to ensure their pizzas have the same quality and are served on time. For a child, there’s a lot of mysteries surrounding a pizza. It’s like bread but is tastier. You can put ketchup on it but not on bread. Sometimes it has pineapples on it! And most of the times you get super excited when you hear you're going to get one.

On the field trip to Pizza Hut, Grade 2 students got to pull back the curtain on these mysteries. Every student got to experience the pizza making process. From making an order to preparing the dough, picking the toppings, baking it, cutting it and finally enjoying it. This showed them the many interconnected systems involved in making a pizza.

Learning about systems that exist in their everyday lives helps students become more aware of their environment and enables them to develop their self-management skills. These skills allow them to recognize and develop systems of their own, making them more effective and efficient in the things they do.

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