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ISSEA 2020 Visual Arts and Drama

International Schools of Southern and East Africa (ISSEA) is a collective of international schools that was created in 1998. The original member schools were: American International School of Johannesburg, Harare International School, International Community School of Addis Ababa, International School of Kenya, International School of Tanganyika and the International School of Uganda. It was established as a sports conference sponsoring basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

Since then it has grown to include  8 more activities, for a total of 11. Member schools take turns hosting each activity every year. Students get to travel, make friends, and take trophies all across Africa. This year, IST got the honour of hosting a special activity, ISSEA 2020 Visual Arts and Drama.

The conference, taking place from February 21 to February 23, consisted of 13 workshops, an art show, and live performances. Workshops available were as follows: 
Drama: Dance Theatre, Vocal Emphasis, Greek Theatre, Physical Theatre,
Stimulus Exploration, From Comedia Dell’arte to Comedy: Shakespeare, Goldoni and Moliere.
Visual Arts: Ceramics, Beading, Digital Design, Henna Painting, Macrame, Textile Design, Watercolor.

After students were taught these techniques, they had to put them into action. For Visual Arts workshops, they presented their best pieces in a gallery towards the end of the conference. For Drama workshops, they performed in front of their peers and IST community members.. The conference also included talks from entrepreneurs and leaders in the art of drama/theatre.

Paintings from Visual Arts workshops

Drama performance during closing night.

We sure had fun hosting our friends from all over Africa, we made new ones, and we picked up some extra, useful skills.

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