How to Foster Service Leadership in Your Children

IST student stands with group members ready to knit for CAS project

As a child grows up, certain traits need to be instilled in them to help them prosper later in life and become citizens who contribute prosperously to society, regardless of their career choice.

One of the foundational blocks for life success is the opportunity to experience service leadership from a young age. This is even more important for children in families who have transferred to a different country for work; it is important the children have the chance to give back. 

When choosing a school, be sure to consider one that offers many opportunities to work within the community and learn these valuable skills. 

One example of a service-learning programme is the International School of Tanganyika’s (IST) Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Programme. The Programme consists of individual CAS Projects.

“A CAS Project is a completely student-initiated, organized and run experience that must incorporate at least two of the C, A, S,” said Deanna Milne, CAS Coordinator at IST. The Programme instills skills such as collaboration, teamwork, initiative and a sense of being challenged and seeking solutions. It also helps to create ethical individuals who want to help the community.

Angelica, a student in Grade 12, used her CAS Project to help breast cancer patients and survivors by knitting breast prostheses, starting a Knitted Knockers group in Tanzania, the first of its kind in the country.

The CAS Programme is something children never forget, many of them continuing their service project after graduation.

“Many of these students end up doing things they never thought they’d do, and the confidence it instills in them is amazing,” Milne said. “They leave this Programme as young adults who have the confidence to be community contributors who know themselves better than they did before.” 

Want to read more on IST’s CAS Programme and see how Angelica managed to start the Knitted Knockers group, a group that has rapidly grown in popularity around the community?  Click here to read our profile

cas programme at IST

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