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How to Build, Improve and Promote School Spirit?

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Whether you’re a faculty member, a student wanting to make a difference or a parent in a group on campus, building school spirit is essential to creating connectivity. 

But how exactly do you go about building and promoting school pride?

Here’s our top five list, so you can focus more on implementing the initiatives rather than thinking of ideas! 

1. Use Your Social Channels 

Social media creates a connected world, it makes us all feel closer to one another and it can be an incredible tool to engage the school community. Make sure to create a variety of content; from videos, to blogs, to pictures, to live streams, there are endless ways to engage with your audience and promote school pride! 

No matter what group you’re a member of, make sure your posts use the school hashtag to ensure it reaches your entire community.

2. Create a Yearlong Theme

With some research, meetings and lots of discussion on the logistics, a yearlong theme can be an exceptional way to create school spirit and have some fun on campus.

A yearlong theme can include creating a school rap, throwing themed family nights throughout the year, a student Hall of Fame where children are awarded for embodying the theme and themed marketing collateral whether it’s handbooks, handouts, social media channels or the website.  

3. Get Your School Behind a Cause 

Whether it’s a cause, charity or initiative, getting the school community to support something that promotes the greater good of society is an exceptional way to build school pride and have some fun.

Once the school decides on a cause, events can be planned around it. A great example of an activity that gets everyone involved, having fun and staying fit is a themed run! Take a color run, for example, this kind of activity would allow you to use the school’s colors, have that school song or cheer playing and get your mascot out on the track. Everyone who participates will be embodying school pride - literally. 

4. Engage Alumni 

Whether it’s individuals who once worked for the school or students who have graduated and gone on to do amazing things, make sure to engage with this community. Invite alumni to come to give speeches to the current student body; this is an irreplaceable experience for a student, seeing someone who was once in their shoes is highly relatable and motivating. 

Did you graduate or work at the International School of Tanganyika (IST) and want to reconnect with the school community? We have created an alumni network where you can find and reminisce with fellow graduates, give back to the school community, expand your professional network and advance your career through inside connections. Click here to find out more. 

5. Understand Your School History

Understanding the significance of school history is integral to understanding how an educational institution holds itself, why it teaches what it does and why it offers certain programmes. History is what helps us understand the world in which we live, it helps us understand incomprehensible problems, different outlooks and gives us an overall understanding of how things came to be. 

Take IST, its history is intricate and engaging, and has helped it become the leading school it is today. This year IST is celebrating its 55th anniversary. Marking an occasion of such significance allows everyone from families, to teachers and staff, to alumni, to come together and celebrate their impact on the school community.  

Have you ever wondered about IST’s history? To make sure you’re fully embodying school spirit and following number five in the list above, we’ve made an interactive timeline, so you can learn all about the beginnings of IST and how it came to be the school it is today. The timeline also showcases notable alumni throughout history and what was going on in Tanzania. 

A picture with a link to the history of IST timeline

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