Five Ways to Ramp up School Spirit

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School spirit provides a common sense of identity and connectivity between the students, faculty and parents. It creates a sense of belonging and pride. It should be evident the moment you walk on a campus, through the things you see, hear and feel.

School functions are a fantastic opportunity to unite your community and promote school spirit. At the International School of Tanganyika (IST), there are many events throughout the school year that intend to build and promote school spirit; here is a list of our five most spirit-filled activities. 

1. International Day


International Day is all about celebrating the diversity of the school; the differences amongst the students, faculty and parents that unite the community as one. 

Students are encouraged to dress in their national costume or colors and participate in the Parade of Nations.

The special day also includes country stalls, an attraction where parents can also get involved. Parents help to set up a stand which showcases a little bit about their country of origin in the form of posters, photos, clothing and traditional food items. 

International Day showcases the many cultures and ethnic backgrounds at IST. Within the student body, of the 424 Elementary students and the 465 Secondary students, there are over 66 different nationalities represented. This gives all students the chance to witness different cultures, traditions and languages, an invaluable opportunity. 

Want to see the diversity on our campus for yourself? Click here.

2. Student-led Assemblies

Assemblies are always an exceptional way to bring the student body together; they create a sense of unity, commonality and pride. To go one step further and benefit the students even more, IST has student-led assemblies.

Hosted by the student council, these assemblies promote student leadership and also help the school community stay connected. 

3. Sporting and Art Events

What’s better than coming out to cheer on your school team, while flaunting your school’s colours? Or better yet, joining a team and getting the chance to wear your school logo, and then make the community proud by working your hardest at whatever the sport or activity may be! Participating in a school play or coming out and supporting from the audience - these events are a fun way to get involved - at your own comfort level.

The International Schools of Southern and Eastern Africa (ISSEA) is IST’s regional sports/arts conference, and when the school hosts a competition, there is a sea of green, blue and gold cheering on their home team.

4. Music Festivals

Music festivals or talent shows are a perfect way for students to participate in a school activity and connect with students from other grade levels and members of the community they wouldn’t regularly work with, while also getting to showcase a talent and have some fun. 

It creates school pride and a sense of camaraderie amongst the student body as you get to perform in front of one another. 

 IST’s music festival IGNITE is a great example that gets all students involved. It’s a student-run evening to celebrate the arts with a variety of school performances. 

5. TEDxYouth Events

TED Talks are all about inspiring and educating. TEDxYouth is an event hosted by IST where individuals 18 or younger have the chance to stand up and speak about their passions. 

This is an exceptional opportunity allowing students to hone their skills in public speaking and researching, while also promoting school spirit amongst the community. 

Hosting events to create school spirit is a tale as old as time and is something IST has made sure to do since its founding in 1963. 

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