The Class of 2019 Continues IST's Tradition of Excellence

IST has a long history of academic excellence. From consistently performing above the IB world average to nabbing coveted sports championships, to producing inspirational alumni. All this is thanks to our community of teachers, students, and parents working together to build and sustain the best possible learning environment.

The class of 2019 continues this tradition by making their mark in the annals of history at IST. During the recent IBDP exams, the class performed wonderfully. 95% of our graduates participated in the exams, with the class scoring an average of 32, well above the world average of 29. Our highest performing students both scored a total of 44, just one point shy of the highest possible mark. This mark places these students in the top 0.5 % of the 160,000 students that sat for the IBDP exams last year. IST is proud to have been able to inspire and support the class of 2019 through the challenges of this rigorous educational program.

But the journey of learning for IST students doesn't end here. Throughout last year, our counselors worked diligently with students and parents to; organize informational visits from universities all over the world, help students and parents determine which universities will suit them best based on their interests, and figure out the application process.

The fruits of this collaborative work are quite clear by looking at the class's list of college acceptances. Some of the colleges and universities the class of 2019 will attend include: the University of Oxford, University of Chicago, Sciences Po, University of British Columbia, University of the Arts London, and the University of Groningen. Geographically, our graduates exemplify the diversity we see at IST each day with students continuing their studies in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Australia, and Japan. 

The class of 2019 was a truly amazing group, and we're very happy to celebrate their achievements.  They now join a long list of IST alumni, leaving the school ready to fulfill their potential and improve the world.


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