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Having a mentor is one of the most valuable opportunities a student can be offered. 

According to a Harvard Business Review, 84% of participants said their mentor helped them avoid costly mistakes and 69% said they made better decisions. 

Having a mentor also increases a student’s accountability. An individual who has someone motivating them to achieve their goals is 70% more likely to do so than students who do not have a mentor. 

Now that you are established in your career, have a wealth of knowledge and are curious about student mentorship, this is a perfect time to offer your experience to students currently attending the school you were once apart of. 

The benefits for students are plentiful, but what about you? As a student mentor, what skills are you building? What areas of your life does this improve? Below we explore five key advantages of becoming a student mentor. 

1. Reinforce Knowledge of Your Subject Area

When it comes to your area of expertise, professional growth is of the utmost importance. Through student mentorship, your subject area knowledge will be questioned, challenged and enhanced. 

In addition to continual growth, you’ll also have the opportunity to develop communication and interpersonal skills and strengthen leadership and managerial abilities. 

2. Gain Recognition for Your Skills and Experience 

Though this may not be something you think of as an immediate benefit of becoming a student mentor, through helping IST students and sharing your knowledge, you will be recognized and celebrated for your skills and area of expertise. 

Your students will turn to you for advice, lean on you when challenges arise and use your guidance as a roadmap for their schoolwork and career path. 

3. Sense of Fulfillment 

As a student mentor, you’re helping build the future, and in doing so, you gain intrinsic satisfaction by helping develop a students’ potential. 

Your guidance will help your students become the people they want to be, individuals who set their minds to something and continually work to achieve those goals. Trust us when we say, there is nothing more satisfying. 

4. Find Potential Employees for Your Organization

Whether you’re the owner of the business or assigned with the task of recruiting new employees, as a student mentor you can survey potential employees. Through working with students, you get to know them and see first hand their work ethic, passion and time management skills - just to name a few. 

Make a mental checklist of what you’re looking for in new employees and when you find those qualities in a student, teach them about positions within your organization and how they can get there. 

Now that you see the benefits of being a mentor both for students and your own personal - and career - growth, you’re probably wondering how you sign up.

Through our new IST Alumni Network, you can re-connect with the school community, see any upcoming events, sign up to be a mentor of an IST student and so much more! As you know, the IST alumni community is one of vibrancy and of camaraderie, two pillars which also happen to be at the centre of the network. The IST Alumni Network also fully integrates with social networks and cultivates a culture of helping and giving back.  

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