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We take great pride in our alumni and their accomplishments around the world. The IST alumni community is one of rich diversity and history, they are who make our school what it is today.   

We are working hard to develop ways to support alumni engagement both with each other and with IST.

“We hope that IST is able to support enhanced communication amongst our vast alumni network, both online and in-person through alumni events,” said our Director, Dr. Mark Hardeman. 

Listed below are the six opportunities available to our alumni. 

1. Touring the Campus at Any Time 

IST alumni can come and do a personal tour of the campus at any time. On a tour, you’ll get to see the new facilities, experience how the campus has grown and visit old teachers who may have played a role in your school experience.

If you’re interested, contact Mr. Ismaili Simba, our Community Relations and Marketing Specialist.  

2. IST Alumni Network

To bridge any gaps between the school community and our alumni, we are investing in the IST Alumni Network.

Benefits of joining include:

  • Re-connecting with fellow graduates
  • Getting the latest updates on what’s happening at IST
  • Giving back to the community
  • Expanding your professional network
  • Advancing your career

3. Alumni Hours 

For the first time, we are opening our campus this Christmas break for IST alumni hours. During this time, graduates can use our facilities, play some football on the field, cool off in the pool, and so much more. 

Keep your eyes on the alumni newsletter and the network for more information on dates and times.

4. Care Packages 

If you are hosting an IST alumni event anywhere around the world and you let us know about it, we will send you a care package full of Twiga swag. 

If you’re planning an event, contact Mr. Ismaili Simba, Community Relations and Marketing Specialist. 

5. IST Alumni Socials

Whether it’s an evening cocktail or other networking opportunities around Dar es Salaam, we are working to plan events to reunite our alumni. 

To find out more about these events, keep your eye on your alumni newsletter and the network. 

6. Mentorship Opportunities

Applying to university in Grade 12 is a daunting experience. As someone who has been in those shoes before, you know how helpful it is to have someone to speak with.

Grade 12 students can now ask their college counsellor to facilitate a mentoring opportunity between them and an alum who has gone to the university they are hoping to attend. 

This opportunity will give the student a chance to speak with the alum about their experience and have any questions about the school answered by someone who has once been in their exact position.

Discover more benefits of becoming a student mentor


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