Tuition and Fees


Annual Tuition Fee
Grades In TZS (in millions)* USD$
Early Childhood 1 - 2 34.57 14,900
Kindergarten - Grade 5 50.34 21,700
Grade 6 - 8 58.23 25,100
Grade 9 - 10 61.94 26,700
Grade 11 & 12 ( IBDP 1 & 2 ) 71.46 30,800
  *Subject to change depending on exchange rate.
Current exchange rate = $1 USD = 2,320 TZS
  • Payments in TZS are acceptable
  • IST reserves the right to update the exchange rate from time to time depending on market conditions
  • Should you wish to pay in TZS, please contact the billing department for banking information and exchange rate rulling on the date of payment on the following e-mail address: OR you can call us at: +255 684 228 882; +255 684 228 883; +255 22 215 2350 (Ext. 144 or 237)
  • Tanzanian nationals are encouraged to pay in TZS
  • Foreign nationals are expected to pay in USD
  • These instructions apply to all forms of fee payment

Annual Tuition Fee

An Annual Tuition Fee shall be paid for each student for each year enrolled at the School. Tuition Fees vary with grade levels as shown in the table above. The Tuition Fee covers operating costs, including overheads, salaries and educational materials, workbooks, the use of textbooks and some extra-curricular activities. It does not include certain items required for personal student usage, such as uniforms, transportation to and from school, lunch and personal school supplies.

Late Admissions

New students entering after the School Year has commenced will be invoiced on a pro rata termly basis. Fees shall be invoiced fully for the whole term if students begin classes during the first four weeks of the term. From week five onwards, half of the term’s fees shall apply.

When a student is not attending at the beginning of the School Year or the beginning of a term despite being enrolled, his or her seat can only be reserved if the student’s Annual Tuition Fee has been paid for the concerning term. A seat can only be held for the school year under review. The seat held is neither transferable to another student nor automatically rolled over to the next School Year.

Early Withdrawals

In case students leave or release a seat being held during the School Year, the Annual Tuition Fee shall be refunded pro rata from the moment the student leaves on the condition that the parents of the concerning student have given the School a minimum of 4 weeks written notice before they leave. No refunds shall be made for a term that has already started. 

Other fees in addition to annual tuition - excluding interest

Note: Tanzanian Shilling amounts are subject to change depending on exchange rate. Current exchange rate = $1 USD = 2,320 TZS

Annual Capital Fee (non-refundable and non-transferable)

USD $1,000
TZS 2.32

This fee is in addition to the tuition fee stated above. The Annual Capital Fee is levied as a contribution by the parents to cover the School’s capital expenditures. All parents pay the full capital fee in the 1st installment irrespective of the payment plan selected.

Annual Tuition Deposit (non-refundable & non-transferable but deductible from the first tuition payment)

USD $1,000
TZS 2.32

A fee of USD$1,000 (TZS 2.32) per child is due by April 11th, 2019 to ensure a seat for the next school year. A similar fee is payable by new students enrolling during the course of the school year. This fee is deductible from the first tuition payment. The deposit represents the family’s commitment to join the School. A student is re-enrolled in the next year only when the current outstanding sum is cleared. If a family decides to withdraw the student(s) after the payment of the Annual Tuition Deposit, the deposit shall be forfeited.

Building Fee (see options below)

USD $7,000 or $7,500
TZS 16.24 or 5.8

  • Grades EC1 to Grade 10:
    • Option 1 - USD $7,000 (TZS 16.24) payable fully in the year of admission
    • Option 2 - USD $2,500 (TZS 5.8) payable annually for three consecutive years (full amount is not payable if the child leaves before the start of year 2 or 3).
    • Returning students pay USD $0 (TZS 0)
  • Grades 11 and 12:
    • Fee of USD $7,000  (TZS 16.24) payable fully in the year of admission.
    • Returning students pay USD $0 (TZS 0)

Building fee is neither refundable nor transferable. The fee is assigned to the Building Reserve Fund, a School Reserve Fund that is specifically designed for major building projects, land and/or property purchase, new construction, expansion and major infrastructure improvements. Eligible parents may pay the building fee in installments (along with applicable interest) depending on the payment plan selected.

Alumni Fee (one-time payment per child enrolled)

USD $100 for new students only
TZS 0.23 for new students only

USD $100  (TZS 0.23) non-refundable Alumni Fee is payable on admission. This fee is administered by the School for Alumni outreach activities. Returning students pay USD $0 (TZS 0).

Family Deposit

USD $500 for new students only
TZS 1.16 for new students only

USD $500 (TZS 1.16) payable upfront at the time of joining the School. This deposit is refundable, without interest, at the time last child of the family leaves the School. The School reserves the right to adjust this refundable security deposit against any amount due and outstanding from any fees, activity fee, library or any other area, prior to refunding the deposit. Deposits unclaimed for over six years from the date of the last child leaving School shall be transferred to the School’s Operating and Capital Reserve Fund. Returning students pay USD $0 (TZS 0).

Application Fee (non-refundable and non-transferable)

USD $500 for new students only
TZS 1.16 for new students only

A fee of USD $500 (TZS 1.16) per child is payable on submission of an application. The Application Fee ensures the processing of the application for admission of a new student or of a student returning after an absence of one year or longer. Completed applications will only be processed after receipt of the Application Fee or upon submission of adequate proof of payment. Payment of the fee does not guarantee that a child may be admitted. It is non- refundable & non-transferable if you decline our offer of a place or withdraw your application. If you decide to leave a wait list and/or if IST is unable to meet the needs of your child, you will receive a refund of US$350. The balance will be retained as a processing fee. If the application is rolled over to the following year and you decide to leave a wait list, you will receive a refund of $200 ($150 processing fee per annum). Returning students pay USD $0 (TZS 0).

Guidelines and Terms for Payment of Fees and Refunds

  • All fees are based in US$ and are subject to change without notice.
  • All tuition fees are due by the dates indicated, unless other arrangements are approved by the Director. Following the due date, late payment charges of US$25 per week are added to the student’s account and will continue each week until the fees are made current.
  • Parents who select semester and termly payment plans but are not able to fulfill their installment payment obligations may be required to shift to plans designated by the school management.
  • All dishonoured cheques incur a charge of US$100 and late payment penalties in addition to all bank charges levied against the drawer.
  • Payments can be made by:
    • Cash deposited directly to any one of the School’s bank accounts. Contact for details of the School’s preferred bank account. Please note that the School does not accept payment of school fees in hard cash.
    • Cheque deposited directly into one of the School’s accounts. Contact for details of the School’s preferred bank account. Alternatively, cheques may be presented to the Fees Office situated in the Administration Building, Elementary Campus, Upanga or to the Fees office situated in the Admissions Office, Secondary Campus, Masaki.
    • Credit Card (this will attract an additional charge of 3.5% for VISA and 4% for MasterCard).
    • In line with Bank of Tanzania regulations, all payments made in Tanzanian Shillings which are above TZS.10M or United States Dollars US$10,000 should be transferred by Tanzania Interbank Settlement System (TISS).
  • When making payments directly to the School’s bank accounts, please provide IST with a copy of the bank or wire transfer advice that will enable us to record and receipt your payments. Please note that IST is not responsible for bank transfer charges or commissions. These if incurred by the School for incoming transfers/wires, would be debited to parents concerned.
  • Payments made in Tanzanian Shillings, Sterling Pounds and Euros are converted into US Dollars at the internal IST rates prevailing on the day the sums are receipted by the School and credited in the school’s bank account. Though IST endeavours to align its internal conversion rates with those of the market, it shall not be responsible for foreign exchange differences. To avoid exchange differences, parents are requested to contact the Fees Department for the current day’s exchange rate on telephone nos. +255 684 228882 and +255 684 228883 (Extension 144 or 237) or on e-mail address
  • Refunds for withdrawals under any plan will apply only to unattended terms after submitting a written notification for withdrawal to the School at least four calendar weeks before the commencement of the new term(s). No refunds will apply for partial completion of a term nor capital/portion portion of the fees. Refunds are calculated on the basis of school days and shall apply to tuition fees only. Refunds shall be made by crossed cheques or bank transfers. The School does not take responsibility for bank charges.
  • The School reserves the right to deny entry to pupils in arrears of fees.

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