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IB Diploma Scholarship

IB Diploma Scholarship

Each year, IST awards a limited number of merit- and need-based scholarships to Tanzanian students who would like to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme.

Successful candidates are awarded a two-year, full-tuition scholarship covering IB I and II (Grades 11 and 12). This programme is designed for students who have been successful in following the Tanzanian national curriculum through Form IV and who would like to pursue the IB Diploma.

We are no longer accepting scholarship applications for admission to the 2018/19 academic year. If you are currently a Form III student, please check back in January 2019 to download the application and questionnaire to be considered for admission for the 2019/20 academic year.

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Partial Scholarship

Partial Scholarships

Tuition assistance may be available through a limited number of partial scholarships (up to 30%) for families with a demonstrated financial need. Students must be able to succeed in a school where English is the medium of instruction.

At this time, we are not accepting applications for partial scholarships. Please check back later.

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Beacon Scholars Programme

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Beacon Scholars

We are pleased to offer The Beacon Scholarship at our school for students with strong leadership qualities.

The Beacon Scholarship is a change-maker programme that offers access for financially disadvantaged students to top tier secondary schools in their home country, and undergraduate programmes of study at world class universities in the UK. The programme includes leadership training and development, a strong Mentoring structure, and a goal-setting performance management system. All applicants must be able to demonstrate that they are ‘Change-makers’ i.e.

  • They are already making a difference now; and
  • A capacity to take people with them.

The Beacon Scholarship for Schools

For students to gain admission and attend at a Beacon Partner School tuition (and boarding) fees are split three ways: 1/3 School, 1/3 Beacon, 1/3 Scholar Parents/Sponsors/Guardians.

Eligibility requirements:
  1. Must be normally resident in Tanzania
  2. Age 13-18
  3. Annual Gross Household Income must not exceed US$80,000
  4. Must show evidence of strong leadership capabilities in four areas:
    • Academic excellence;
    • Achievement in sport, music, or drama;
    • Social Influence & Communication;
    • Citizenship.

In order to apply for The Beacon Scholarship for Schools, please register at

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