In Pictures: Elementary Campus

In Pictures: Secondary Campus

Development Overview: 2008 - present

Beginning in 2008, IST started the process of reviewing its facilities and planning for enhancements in order to better meet the programme goals for students. A new science building was opened on the Secondary Campus in 2009.

Science Building Opened 2009

In addition, two new apartment blocks (Twiga Apartments) were opened in 2010 to accommodate faculty and their families.

Some of IST's buildings date from the 1960's (Elementary Campus) and 1980's (Secondary Campus). Renovations from 2008 to 2011 have included:

  • new Secondary Campus Design Technology and Science Buildings (see below for more details)
  • new roofing for A Block (Secondary Campus),
  • new windows, floors, ceilings and roofs for almost all classrooms on the Elementary Campus,
  • renovated Library and increased size of Staffroom on the Elementary Campus,
  • changing rooms refurbished on both campuses,
  • refurbishing the Elementary and Secondary Swimming Pools,
  • repairing and refurbishing walkways on both campuses, and
  • refurbishing the department office for Elementary-PE.

Highlighted here are some of the major projects that are recently completed.



Design Technology Building - opened 2008 on the Secondary Campus

Planning for adequate instructional space for both science and design technology began in 2007. In order to upgrade both the design technology facilities as well as provide a footprint for the envisioned Science Building which would open two years later, IST planned for moving and upgrading the Design Technology labs to their current location near the Libray and ICT/IST Clinic on the Secondary Campus.

Science Building - opened 2009 on the Secondary Campus

Planning began in 2008 for the new Science Building and included input from teachers as well as career scientists working in research and testing laboratories in Dar es Salaam. The building opened in 2009 on a site previously occupied by the Design Technology labs.

Twiga Apartments: Blocks A and B - opened 2010 off campus

Twiga Apartments (Blocks A and B) consist of 16 units with a play area for children as well as a parking area for residents.

Twiga Apartments: Block C - opened 2012 off campus

Construction began in 2011 and was completed in 2012. Block C of Twiga Apartments provides eight units (4-two bedroom and 4-three bedroom apartments) in addition to the 16 apartments already occupied in Block A and B of the new Twiga complex.

Elementary Campus Apartments: opened 2015

Construction began in 2013 for a new faculty housing complex on the Elementary Campus. The 12-unit building consists of two-bedroom apartments which are designed to be state-of-the-art with respect to sustainability and mindfulness of the environment.

Some of the faculty housing on the Elementary Campus was constructed as long ago as 1965 and one of the Board's highest priorities is to ensure the existing accommodations are safe, comfortable and suitable for the changing requirements of today's international educators. 

Elementary Campus Entrance: opened January 2016

Elementary Covered Court: opened January 2016

Elementary Multi-purpose Hall: opened December 2016

Secondary D and E Block: opened August 2017

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