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An Open Letter to Students of the Class of 2018

The field of university admissions world wide is dynamic. “Truths” that were obvious and clearly stated 5 years ago are changing and being redefined each year. The changing face of university admissions has made borders even more blurred. The Bologna Conference and the growing European Union community have changed the face of post secondary education throughout Europe. Visa restrictions, financial culpability and increased awareness due to the emergence of the information highway has also impacted where students apply, how they apply and the final decisions that are made.

Each year we visit and attend workshops at university admission offices around the world. Through this we have found a common theme, a dramatic increase in applications which then makes it more important for the student to demonstrate, through their grades and academic programme, readiness for university level work. Another side issue is that universities are trying to gather, through contacts with the students, perceived interest in the institution and how that will translate into confirmed enrollments.

Demographics around the world show more students interested in attending post secondary institutions in the major English speaking countries: United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia. This has led some European countries to shift to English as a language of instruction for many of their international careers. The interesting side of this growth is that the IST students are often in a larger more competitive admissions pool. Universities that would have been a good fit academically for admissions 5 or 10 years ago are now more difficult to enter. It is confusing for students and parents alike when a young sibling is turned down at a school even though they have higher credentials than an older brother or sister that was admitted there.  Simply put a school that was a “safety” a few years ago may not be in that category any more.

The next few months will be a time of self assessment, research, decisions, deadlines, crisis, tests, essays, mail delays, endless waiting, and of course tears and laughter. We like to think of the university application process as the time you, as a young adult, have an opportunity to not only evaluate your past, but also to grow with your plans for the future.  We do caution you that it is a big task and it is overwhelming if you look at it as one colossal undertaking. However, if it is broken up into smaller steps and when we work together; you, your parents and your counselor, it is not impossible.

In this site, we have tried to put together information that will be helpful to you wherever you plan to attend university or in whatever area of studies you plan to pursue.  Many of the steps are necessary no matter which country you apply to or what your plans are after secondary school.  

Choosing the right post-secondary program is not a simple assignment.  The number of institutions available and the variety of programs offered complicates this process.  But working together will certainly make it a more manageable task.

Open Letter to the Parents of the Class of 2018

Several years ago there was a note in the International Herald Tribune about university admissions. 

Advice on getting one's offspring into college appeared in a letter to the New York Times from James H. Rogers, then admissions director at Brown University, which consistently appears on most lists of 10 best educational institutions in the United States. He wrote, "my advice: hug and nurture your children and do not worry where they go to college. They will go to college, and perhaps even a selective one, if you are watchful and caring and do not treat them like a product to be sold to colleges."

At IST we are continuously seeking new information from many countries and diverse sources each year to provide the most up to date information possible for our students. The field has changed a lot in the past five years with major advances in electronic communications, so that even locations like Dar es Salaam can be instantly connected with universities around the world. For this reason, we often encourage parents and students alike, as a first step, to get on the specific university’s website. That is where the most up to date information is available.

Now as never before, we are truly fortunate to be in a city with the facilities to enable us to research, apply and communicate electronically with the universities.

It is an exciting and stressful time for your children. But it is also a time where you can watch them move into the person they will be as an adult.

We at the Counseling Office look forward to working with each of you, students and parents, during this very important next step!

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