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Extended Homeroom Learning Outcomes

This is a terrific reference document for parents to learn more about the objectives of the Extended Homeroom programme. 


Diploma Programme

The DP was introduced at IST in 1983. The DP is a two year programme based primarily on courses leading to the IB Diploma or IB Certificates. Students entering Grade 11 will be expected to enrol in six courses in addition to Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Health and Social Education (HSE). These courses are selected from offerings in Groups 1 to 6. All students must also participate in the school’s CAS programme.

Diploma students take 3 subjects at higher level, 3 subjects at standard level, and do an extended essay, whereas Certificate students generally take all subjects at standard level and do not undertake the extended essay.

Course selection at this stage in a student’s life entails important decisions and should be made in consultation with parents, teachers and a counsellor. These choices must take into account each student’s

  • long-term education and career goals,
  • demonstrated skills and strengths, and
  • current interests.

In line with our school vision, we endorse an approach to educating the whole child as opposed to only the academic side. Our faculty and staff are a multi-national blend of professionals with many areas of expertise. We believe that educating children is a team approach which includes strong communication with parents and the school community.

Blair Peterson

Secondary Principal


Kristine Greenlaw

Secondary Vice Principal


Trixie Siemens

Secondary Vice Principal


Jeremy George

DP Coordinator


Mwamy Sykes

Admissions Director


Juliana Karubi

Secondary Office Manager
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