The IST Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is open to all former students of IST and the purpose of the Association is:

  1. To ensure that an accurate data base is kept of all former students of the school who wish to become life members;
  2. To facilitate contact between the members of the Alumni;
  3. To promote the good name of IST at home and abroad;
  4. To provide newsletters during the year which will keep members of the school up to date with improvements and activities of other former students;
  5. To organize functions which will bring former students together (Reunions)
  6. To support the activities of the International School of Tanganyika.

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IST would love to hear from former students, staff, administrators, board members and parents. Share your messages and memories with us here >>.

Register with IST - former students and staff

Do you want to reconnect with IST and other alumni, former staff or former parents? Register with us and we will let you know how to reconnect.

Did you participate in the Kindwitwi village project as an IST student? Kindwitwi is still a lovely place to visit and the work of the Rufiji Leprosy Trust (RLT) over the past thirty years has contributed to a greater independence of the village and a better life for those villagers affected by leprosy. Connect with the RLT and share your memories of any visits to the village:

Rufiji Leprosy Trust on Facebook

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Look for these groups on Facebook if you want to reconnect with your friends. Note, these pages are setup by individuals and are not managed by IST:

The IST Alumni Association

International School of Tanganyika 70's

International School of Tanganyika 80's

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