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Extra-Curricular Programmes

Both the Elementary and the Secondary campuses offer robust after school (extra-curricular) programmes consisting of a range of activities that fall under the areas of:

  • Creativity (Arts and Technology) such as arts, crafts, yearbook, orchestra, choir, drama productions, and design technology
  • Activity (Sports) such as football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, rugby, tennis, cricket, and floor hockey
  • Service (including Community and Service). Service learning and community engagement at IST are defined in the School Policy Manual (Section 6.008).

Activities vary from year to year depending on the availability of personnel and facilities. Students are given a current programme of activities at the start of each term.

What people say:

"The school is doing really well in this aim. Together with the class learning, students participation in THUMNI, MUN and other education trips have been playing a big part in exposing them towards becoming global leaders."

- parent of Secondary student, IST Parent Survey, in response to the school's performance with respect to Strategic Aim 4: By increasing IST’s visibility and influence, we will become a global leader in the education of internationally-mobile young people.


"I lead an after school activity for 2nd-4th graders!!!"

- student in Grade 5, IST Student Survey


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