IST students involved in the service activity called Jenga teamed up with READ International and Better World Books (UK) to create a library at Makumbusho Secondary School in Dar es Salaam. Follow the link above to see an article reposted from READ International on this project. Well done to our IST students for contributing to this worthwhile endeavour.
As parents, we understand and recall from our own learning experiences that the best lessons we experienced were likely to be genuine, engaging and driven by our own desire to understand. The goal for teachers is to create situations and opportunities that enable such an optimal learning environment. Follow the link above to read about how IST's drama department created this type of learning environment for the benefit of not only our Grade 10 drama students but also some important guests to our school.
Congratulations to our IST swimmers for placing in the top three, often taking first, in the Tanzanian National Swim Championships! See the roster through the link above for a list of the impressive placements earned by our student athletes.

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We act responsibly, positively and constructively, towards ourselves and other people. We learn from our mistakes and accept the consequences of our actions.

- Based on IST's Statement of Values


We show curiosity, perseverance and open-mindedness in seeking to understand and solve problems. We persevere in the face of difficulties and we embrace the learning that comes through failure as well as the joy of success.

- Based on IST's Statement of Values


We empathise with others and act with care, kindness and courage. In our interactions, we behave with patience, generosity and integrity.

- Based on IST's Statement of Values


We believe in a broad education for our students, seeing the value of participation in a varied curriculum.

- Based on IST's Statement of Values


We treasure the diversity within the IST community, using the rich opportunities for deeper understanding that come from our differences.

- Based on IST's Statement of Values

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